What We Do.

Omniswift offers a full range of IT services to our clients to meet their needs and solve their challenges. These services include strategic IT consulting, software services, infrastructure solutions, outsourcing and training. We design unique solutions for our clients by applying the right mix of services that will be specific to meeting their needs, improving their productivity and increasing their efficiency.

strategic consulting

Strategic Consulting

Omniswift offers best practice advice for organizations with regards to how they can leverage on IT to meeting their goals and targets. Whether it is time to review your IT strategy, evaluate new technology, design architecture, manage new technology deployments or understand IT best practices, we offer independent, vendor-free advice that will make it happen.

Additionally, we offer advice with regards to information lifecycle management, advanced infrastructure solutions, storage solutions, core network infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery, compliance and outsourcing needs as well as virtualization offerings.

Software Support and Services

Omniswift offers a managed element with every type of service it delivers, taking responsibility for selected IT services and managing the delivery of those services in their entirety, supported by a 24-hour Service Desk.

This offering:

  • Automates and consolidates IT requirements and reduces costs;
  • Increases IT service levels by increasing security, availability and reliability;
  • Increases the capabilities of IT-enabling organizations to work effectively; and
  • Reduces the effort required to manage, operate and maintain IT infrastructure.
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Professional Solutions

Omniswift’s Solutions range of support services is able to optimise our clients’ ICT environment by providing 24-hour cover, permanent on-site staff, on-call staff and remote support with the expertise you require against a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Infrastructure Solutions

Omniswift is able to customize solutions that will address your infrastructure needs and maximize your existing infrastructure, whether software or hardware-related, in order that your productivity is increased. These needs range from network optimization, security, storage, operating environments, messaging and service providers solutions.

Our key service areas in infrastructure solutions are:

  • Operating platforms, unified communications and messaging: We build solutions for both proprietary and open-source solutions.
  • End-to-end security management: Our security management is for both edge and end-point security.
  • Storage offerings: We are able to provide proprietary storage offerings which are built specifically for your storage needs and also help provide you with open-source storage solutions.
  • Virtualization strategies: We develop virtualization strategies for application, desktop, presentation and server virtualization needs.
  • Unified networking: No matter your networking needs, we can provide you with switching, wireless or IP telephony solutions to meet those needs.

We guide our clients through the steps of the process of whatever solutions we are building and providing them with, whether it is an entire project or a series of business enablers so that they are very familiar with the infrastructure, applications and services we are providing them with in order to enhance their ICT capacity for increased productivity.

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